Where to pay for MacIntyre!

Sorry for the profusion of emails 😅

I should probably not have posted about the MacIntyre series in the very stupid way I did, because having ascertained that there was much more interest than anticipated, I had to separately make the paid post, which I believe went out only to paid subscribers, of which I currently have none because no one yet knows how to pay me. Now I have to send a third email explaining that the post (and I believe instructions as to how to pay for it) can be accessed here. Sorry about this. Thanks for bearing with me!

a fête worse than death
Welcome to A Liberal Reads Macintyre!
Hello! I am absolutely stunned at how many of you apparently want to watch me struggle through After Virtue in real time, and how many of you are willing to pay for it. Intellectualism lives! On a more sincere (bordering on “sappy”) note, I’m really very touched by your interest in and support for my work; it’s kind of unbelievable to me that I’m able t……
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