JUST KIDDING, I do not think I am being “cancelled,” or that I am suffering piteously, or that I am the victim of an injustice of any sort, but I do think it is odd to watch an involved “discourse” about a piece of my writing evolve on a social media platform I don’t use but clearly have no hopes of escaping. You may wonder, with excellent reason, why I left Twitter only to remain exquisitely attentive to my many haters. What a good question! The answer is that I’m human and I care about my writing and its reception, which makes me incapable of not caring what people think of my work, whether I especially like them (or their writing) or not. I will likely need to learn to outgrow this pathology to at least some extent before my books are published (and widely panned by my haters???)—but I haven’t outgrown it yet, and I’m not above

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