Sex, machines, The Chair, etc

hi, all! I am sorry that I have been so bad at maintaining this Substack lately. I don’t really have many good excuses, except for these: I fell in love and remain in love, which is a time-consuming proposition, requiring me to spend lots of time staring into someone’s eyes and affectionately explaining why he’s completely wrong about Rawls; I’m reintegrating into society and therefore have less of a reason to exist on the internet; I’m trying to write a book, a dissertation, and a lot of book reviews; my computer is broken, so I have to borrow my partner’s computer in order to write anything at all, including this; and I feel I’ve ceded all autonomy/humanity when I don’t read for the sheer pleasure of it for at least a while everyday (review-reading can, of course, be pleasurable, but it doesn’t count because it isn’t exactly autonomy-conferring). In sum, I am struggling to do all the things I should be doing. To those paying for my thoughts about MacIntyre, I promise there will be more of those soon; I would understand if you stopped paying. In the meantime, I wrote….

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